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Born in Cameroon and raised in Cameroon and Switzerland, Karter began DJing in 2018 mainly focused on Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, R&B and Future sounds. 


Music has always been a part of his life and something to deeply dive into. As a teenager, he created his own music collections and CD compilations. Through the years he started creating and sharing his unique playlists. It was his friends who came up with the idea of him becoming a DJ and share his music by performing live. One day, he decided to buy a DJ controller and started mixing different sounds in his room.

In the beginning, he started playing at private parties and ceremonies (e.g. home parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.). Soon after, he began to perform at trendy clubs and bars in Zurich (e.g. the Vior, Plaza, Hiltl and Hardone), and at festivals such as the Afro Fashion Festival and the Afro Summer Jam. Thanks to his involvement in various projects in the African community, Karter now travels all around Switzerland to bring his music to the people.


Karter had his affinity for diverse genres of music embellished and firmly imprinted by icons such Barry White, Salt-N-Pepper, Marvin Gaye, Manu Dibango, and Pepe Kale.


Other urban influences include Black Coffee for his love for the music, Boddhi Satva for his authenticity and Jazzy Jeff for his longevity and technical skills. 


Today Karter is an extremely versatile artist, who is able to incorporate, integrate and accentuate his music across a plethora of well-known and niche Genres.

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